As well as bringing you a range of exciting new features in the July release, we’ve also made several enhancements and small fixes to our existing features below:

  • If you’re creating Group quotes in the Quote tab, you’ll no longer see any Pax Breaks display in the Bookings List. If you’re thinking about making the move to new Groups, but not sure where to start, we encourage you to watch the Introducing Tourwriter Groups webinar as a great first step.
  • When using the Bookings Search, inactive Services are no longer shown. Learn how to hide non-active items here.
  • You can now display End Times for Activity services on Booking Emails, great for same-day excursions! Download the template.
  • Do you use the Supplier Purchases report? This is now controlled by user permissions – if you can no longer see this report, please ask an Administrator in your team to enable it for you under Tools > Setup > Account Types.
  • You can now search for Bookings by Supplier Ref in the Search Form. Simply press CTRL F on your keyboard to quickly access and search your Itineraries, Suppliers, Contacts and Bookings.
  • The Audit Trail now records when a user deletes a booking.

Don’t forget to check out these posts on Packages, Publishing Notes, Pick Up and Drop Off locations and our recent updates to Travefy, so you’re up to speed with all that’s new in this release.

Happy Tourwriting!