Within this Suppliers folder you will find details that correspond with each Supplier’s Tab that you open in TourWriter. To access one of your Suppliers Tabs, either use the Search function in TourWriter, or select Suppliers from the Left hand menu in Tourwriter and navigate the folders to find your chosen Supplier.

Please refer below for quick links to the information within each of the knowledge base folders:

Loading Suppliers

Database Loading – Recommended Rules and Tips
Adding Accommodation Suppliers
Adding Activity and Tour Suppliers
Adding Transfer Suppliers
Adding Rental Car and Motorhome Suppliers
Adding Other Transport Suppliers
Adding Other Service Types

Suppliers Tab

Suppliers Tab Overview
How to Import Suppliers into TourWriter

Services Tab

Services Tab Overview
Enabling Group FAQs
Services > Rates Subtab
Services > Configs Subtab
Services > Details Subtab
Services > Warnings Subtab
Supplier Rates Bulk Update

Details Tab

Details Tab
Location Cards

Additional Tab

Additional Tab > Reports Subtab
Additional Tab > Messages Subtab
Additional Tab > Publishing Content Subtab
Additional Tab > Contacts Subtab