The Supplier Auto Confirmation feature allows your suppliers to confirm booking requests sent from Tourwriter by automatically updating the booking status and their reference number directly into your Bookings List.

The above video illustrates how you could be using this function to slash the amount of time your reservations staff check and answer booking replies from your suppliers. The potential cost saving will depend on how many hours your staff currently spend manually updating itinerary statuses and supplier reference numbers into Tourwriter.

This function uses the Tourwriter API and is available for all online customers on our Professional or Enterprise packages. If you’d like to take advantage of this time saving feature, please contact your Customer Success Executive or to start the setup process.

To remove the Auto Confirm option from your Make Booking drop down list, follow the steps below:

  1. In any Itinerary, go to Bookings > List
  2. Select Make Booking
  3. Select Auto confirm > Remove template
  4. Click Yes and Save (CTRL S)

This change will be updated for all users the next time they open an Itinerary.