The Agent Commission% can be set for each itinerary thus eliminating the need to add a booking item to record the agent commission owed.

The steps for adding an Agent Commission % to the itinerary are as follows:

  1. Specify the commission as a percentage in the Agent Commission %  textbox on Itinerary Tab

  1. Move to the Bookings tab, Select the following fields from the field chooser. Agent Commission % & Agent Commission (amount)

  1. You can adjust the Agent Commission for each booking. Click on the Agent Commission % or Agent Commission field for a booking item and add the new commission amount or percent.

Note: The new Agent Commission % field becomes unusable if in the Custom markup overrides pop-up agent commission is selected as the override.

Calculation Terminology

Some of the terms below will help you understand the Agent Commission calculations

  1. Total Agent Commission (T):- is the sum of Agent Commission of all bookings in the itinerary.
  2. Gross Adjusted Amount (G):- is the amount calculated by applying the markup to either the Gross Final or Net Final (depending on the Apply To drop-down selection).


  1. Agent Commission % (P):- It is the agent commission specified as a percentage in the Agent Commission % field on the Itinerary tab.
  2. Sell Price (S):- Sell Price is the final price at which the itinerary is sold.
  3. Agent Commission amount (A):- It is the Agent commission amount for each booking.
  4. Markup % (M):- M is defined on the custom override pop-up.


*T:- Total Agent Commission for the entire Itinerary

 G:- Gross Adjusted Value

 P:- Agent Commission %

 S:- Final Sell Price

Calculating Agent Commission per row can be done using the following formula:-

*A:- Agent Commission for a booking item

 N:- Net Final

 M:- Markup %