In our August 2016 update, we extended the list of fields that accept non-roman characters for languages such as Japanese, Korean and Russian. If you’re working in any of these markets then read on to find out which fields in Tourwriter will accept these and similar languages, and how to incorporate these into your published client documents and emails to suppliers:


Publishing fieldsEmail tags
Supplier Name
Supplier Host[!HostName]
Street Address
Post Address
Service Name[!ItemDesc]
Option Name
Comments (Supplier tab)
Bank Details (Supplier > Details tab)
Booking/Voucher Note (Supplier > Details tab)


Publishing fieldsEmail tags
Itinerary Name[!ItineraryName]
Display Name[!DisplayName]
Itinerary Start Flight
Itinerary End Flight
Itinerary Start Note
Itinerary End Note
Booking Name[!BookingName]
Item Description[!ItemDesc]
Booking Notes (booking editor > notes)[!BookingNotes]
Voucher Notes (booking editor > notes)
Publishing Notes (booking editor > notes)
Private Notes (booking editor > notes)
Booking Reference[!ItemReference]
Booking Start Name[!ItemStartText]
Booking End Name[!ItemEndText]
Itinerary > Client > Passenger grid
Itinerary Member Name (Passenger Display Name)
Itinerary > Client > Notes
Supplier Notes

All Email tags listed – with the exception of Supplier Name and Client Name – are included in the installed copy of the Tourwriter booking email template. To incorporate the [!SupplierName] or [!ClientName] tags into a customised email template, please see our webinar and detailed steps on the following Email Booking Request Template Customisation page.

All fields listed above can be published on client documents such as Itineraries, Quotations and Pricing documents. For an estimate or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our support team for assistance.