What does Warning Symbol 2 mean?

This error symbol appears when any of the following User errors occur:

  1. When rates are out of date within an Itinerary. This could be for a number of reasons; there are no rates loaded for that Service (update your rates in the Supplier), or the date of the Booking has been changed (check out this post for information about our Rates and Dates Updates).Booking Error 1
  2. When the Currency exchange rate has not been set in Tools > Setup > Data Setup > Currencies. To find out how to Update Currencies, check out this post.
    Booking Error 2
  3. When a booking is made over two different seasons.
    Booking Error 3
  4. When the FOC loaded is incorrect or no longer valid and as such can no longer be recognised by Tourwriter. Check your Supplier for any possible errors, this post provide steps for how FOC should be set up.
    Booking Error 4