Now you can quickly add Pick Up and Drop Off dates, times and location information to a Booking, with your pre-loaded dates and times being automatically populated in the Booking Details Tab.

Perfect for Rental Car, Coach, Transfer and Tour Service Types, but can be added to any Booking. Simply create a Location Card for key destinations (e.g. Airports) in the Supplier record, then attach to the Booking by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Itinerary > Bookings > List, then double click your chosen Booking Item to open the TourWriter Bookings Window
  2. Complete the Pick Up and Drop Off dates and times in the Items Tab – This information will carry across to the Booking Details Tab, when loaded
  3. Go to the Details Tab, and click the yellow plus  to open the Booking Location Chooser Window, where you can select a location
  4. Select a location from the pre-loaded options (to find out how to create locations, check out the Location Cards post), and click OK. The location will be added to the Details Tab workspace, including the Pick Up information as entered in the Items Tab
  5. If the date and time were not added to the Items Tab (step 2), you can add, or adjust, them here.
  6. Click the yellow plus  and add your Drop Off location. This card will be automatically populated with the Drop Off date and time (if added to the Items Tab)
  7. Untick the box if you do not want the information to be displayed in Supplier booking emails

A completed Details Tab may look something like this:

Location information will be displayed in the Bookings Emailer (booking emails to Suppliers), as seen below, unless the box at step 7 has been unticked.

Location information is also displayed in Itinerary Reports for Clients. If your report is not displaying this information and you would like it to, please contact Tourwriter Support (