When an Agent shares the Itinerary with the Client, via email, the Client will receive the below email:

Email Itinerary Share

This email includes the following:

  • Company Logo at the top
  • Trip image and Name
  • Customised message
  • Link to Itinerary
  • Link to download Trip Plans app. If the Client is viewing their email on their Mobile, they can simply follow the link in the email to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). They will be able to download the Trip Plans app from there. Alternatively, they will need to search for “Trip Plans” in their app store.
  • Itinerary Invite Code
  • Agent Details

Trip Plans Mobile App Details

Requires iOS 8.2 or later (iPhone 4s or above), or Android 4.4 and up
Size: 32.3 MB
Can view the itinerary offline and in airplane mode after initial download (Although will require internet if the Client would like to access the maps)

App View

When the Client first opens the app, they will be asked for their invite code. They will need to type out the code exactly, or simply copy and paste from email app.


They will then be able to view their planned Itinerary as an overview (see below picture). Within this view, each day can be opened to see the bookings on that day. The Agent’s phone number and email are also available on this first page of the app.


This is how each booking will display in the specific day and bookings view:


Clients can select “Navigate” to open the location in either a Maps application on their phone, or in the Internet (iPhone, automatically goes to Google Maps, Android gives user a choice).

When the Itinerary is set to Unpublished it shows the following within the App:


Switch between itineraries that have been shared with you (via email), by opening the menu (found in the top left corner) and opening YourTrips. You will be able to see all trips, whether they are Active, Past, or Cancelled.

App Messaging

In the top right corner is the Messaging icon App Message Icon. The number shows how many new messages are available for them to view. This keeps a record of the Itinerary’s messages between Clients and Agent. The Client can also choose to be notified of new messages (in their Mobile Settings). If they have this setting enabled, any posts on the Discussion board will trigger a notification on the Client’s mobile.

If a Client would like to comment on a specific part of their itinerary, they can go to the itinerary > Day > Booking, where they can tap on the image to open the map and access to messaging (see image below of this view). When a message is sent through this part of the App, it will show in the main messaging section as re: Junior Lakeview Suite, Double.


If more than one Client has been sent the Itinerary, they will all be included in the Discussion within this particular Itinerary. It is important for each client to be sent an email invite separately, as the code provided will be unique to them, allowing a distinction between people in the chat.

While typing a message, you are able to “@” a person involved with the Itinerary, or a service that is a part of the Itinerary. The person that is mentioned will receive a message that they have been mentioned.

The Agent can choose to disable the in-app messaging option for the itinerary, by updating the trip details.