This Post Covers:

  • The toolbar found in the top-left corner of the Itinerary page
  • Links to the other aspects of the Itinerary page

Once you select an itinerary to edit, you will see the Itinerary page:

Itinerary Page

Left Tool Bar

Hover your mouse over the icon to see what it is.

  • User Picture = Other Trips & Your Account
    This button takes you back to the home page.Left Tool Bar
  • Note Paper = Itinerary
    This button is the Itinerary page.
  • Bell = Trip Activity
    Opens up the Trip Activity box. This shows items that have been added to the itinerary, to the Ideas and Polls board and to the discussion board. Displays in Date order, latest first.
  • Question Mark = Get Help
    Open Outlook and an email to, who you can request help from.

Other Itinerary Page aspects:

Update Your Trip Details
Change Cover Photo
Day Edit
Edit bookings
Invite Collaborators
Send to Clients
Ideas and Polls