Travefy is a new innovative way to share your tailor-made itineraries with your clients. Push your Itinerary from Tourwriter to Travefy, make any further edits, then share your content rich, interactive itinerary with your client. Invite your clients to view your Itinerary on the Trip Plans mobile app, allowing messaging through the mobile app.

To help you get started with Travefy, we have created a range of Knowledge Base posts for you to refer back to when needed. These range from posts about Setup, to posts about our Mobile App. Below you will find links to each post:


Become Familiar with Travefy

Using Travefy

  • Pushing an itinerary to Travefy – This post takes you through the quick and easy process of transferring your Tourwriter itinerary to our online platform
  • Update Your Travefy Trip Details – At the top of the Itinerary page you will find a little pencil icon, this will open the “Update Your Trip Details” options. Find out what is available in this area
  • Travefy Day Edit – Explore what you can do within each itinerary day, such as viewing the day in a map!
  • Travefy Import Booking Confirmations – Received a booking confirmation? Simply email it to your specified itinerary email address and the booking will be added to your itinerary
  • Editing Bookings in Travefy – To find out how to make quick itinerary edits in Travefy check out this post

Travefy Interactions

  • Travefy Itinerary Sharing Options – This post shows how to share your itinerary with collaborators, as a PDF, as an interactive online itinerary, or even to a calendar
  • Travefy Discussion – This awesome feature allows you to send instant messages to your client via the Mobile app
  • Travefy Ideas + Polls – Find out how to share ideas and take polls with your collaborators
  • Travefy Collaboration – Learn more about the add-on Collaboration feature
  • Travefy Client – See how your clients will interact with Travefy
  • Travefy Mobile App – Check out the Mobile App that is available for your clients to download and use while planning and travelling