In the right panel you can find the Discussion and Ideas + Polls. Clicking on each of these headings will change the view.


The Discussion panel shows the discussion between Agent and Clients. There is a Message box at the bottom, allowing you to reply.

While typing a message, you are able to “@” a person involved with the Itinerary, or a Service that is a part of the Itinerary. The person that is mentioned will receive a message that they have been mentioned. You are also able to “@Everybody”, which will send an email alert of the message to all people involved.

Mobile App Discussion

Clients need to have the Mobile App downloaded in order for this aspect to be utilised. Through the App clients are able to send general messages from the main page of their itinerary in the Mobile App, by tapping on the message icon message-icon. If a Client would like to comment on a specific part of their itinerary, they can go to the itinerary > Day > Booking, where they can tap on the image to open the map and access to messaging (see image below of this view). When a message is sent through this part of the App, it will show in the main messaging section as re: Junior Lakeview Suite, Double.


Any posts on the discussion board will also trigger a notification on the Client’s mobile, if they have the Trip Plans app installed and linked to that particular itinerary.

All Clients that have been invited and downloaded the App can message on the same discussion board. So it is equally a helpful way for all Clients to know what is happening with the trip, and can also be a way for Clients to communicate while travelling.

Please Note: The Agent has the option to disable messaging in the Trip Plans app.