Tourwriter’s Supplier rates are loaded in one currency. We call this the Supplier Base Currency. The new Cross Currencies feature has been designed to allow Supplier Gross (Sell) rates to be loaded in a different currency, which is referred to as the Supplier Cross Currency. This allows for a set Sell price to be used, which is not affected by currency exchange rates when added to an Itinerary.

This help file outlines the steps to take to enable and load a cross currencies rate in the Supplier, as well as how to interpret the Bookings List where Cross Currency bookings have been made.


Create a Service and season following the standard procedure outlined in these guidelines. At the same time as enabling the Supplier Base Currency and Groups via the View drop-down, click the CrossCurrency option as shown below:


Once the Service and the Season has been added, click Yellow Plus to add a new Pricing option. The Cross Currency section will now be visible on the Tourwriter Price Editor screen.

First, add the Net (unit) amount into the Net field. This will be in the Supplier Base Currency (e.g. EUR). Gross (unit) can also be loaded in this area, or left blank.

In the Cross Currency section, click Yellow Plus to load the new Gross (unit) amount in your chosen Cross Currency (‘New Currency’).


Complete the New Currency and Gross Cross fields:


Close the Price Editor window and save your changes (CTRL S).

Beta testing note: If Cross Currencies has been enabled in a supplier, the assumption is that ALL Services and Pricing Options for that supplier will have a Cross Gross (unit) loaded.


Important note: The Cross Gross (Unit) rate of any booking added to the Itinerary must match the Itinerary Output Currency. For example, if supplier rates are in EUR, and you have loaded cross rates in USD, then your Itinerary Output Currency must be USD. Please check your Itinerary Output Currency in the bottom left corner of the Bookings List before adding any Cross Currency bookings:


In the Itinerary, add a booking to your Bookings List as normal. Help for adding bookings to an Itinerary can be found here.

The Bookings Selector will display the Gross (unit) in both the Base and Cross Currency, if Cross Currencies have been loaded.


Once added to the Bookings List, if Cross Currencies is enabled for your selected service, the Gross (unit), Gross (total) and Gross (final) amounts on the Bookings List will all be displayed in the Cross Currency. The CrossCurrencyCode field will also confirm that this is a Cross Currency booking by displaying the currency used here.


The Net (unit) and Net (total) amounts will remain in the supplier’s base currency. The Net (final) will be the Net (total) multiplied by the Exch rate. The Gross (total) will be identical to the Gross (final) for services with Cross Currencies enabled (Exch is ignored).