Service - Configs Tab

FOCs (Free of Charge) for Selected Service

Use this field when FOC’s are offered by a Supplier on a per-booking basis. To load click Yellow Plus button and load the number of services Used (required) and the number of Free services given. The example above shows that for every 10 services used, 1 service is FOC.
IMPORTANT – This is an active field; the data loaded here will alter the cost of the Service in an Itinerary accordingly.

For every 10 rooms booked, your supplier offers an additional room for free.
You would load this as Used = 10 and Free = 1 and the FOC service will be deducted from the cost of the itinerary if Quantity 11 is booked.

If for every 10 rooms booked, one room is FOC
You would load this as Used = 9 and Free = 1 and the FOC service will be deducted from the cost of the itinerary if Quantity 10 is booked.

For group bookings where you receive additional FOCs as the group size increases, each FOC entitlement is loaded separately. For example, if for every 10 rooms booked, one room is FOC, up to a maximum of 5 rooms, you would load each row as per the following;
Used = 9 Free = 1
Used = 18 Free = 2
Used = 27 Free = 3
Used = 36 Free = 4
Used = 45 Free = 5
Where driver and/or guide room/s are FOC, irrespective of the size of the group, you would load Driver Room and/or Guide Room in Services; the Net cost of the room will be loaded as zero (i.e. 0.00).

Max Pax

This field is used to load the maximum number of passengers / occupants for the selected Service. This is a passive field (for user reference only) i.e. this information is not used anywhere else.

Payment Terms for Selected Service

These are Service level payment terms. The information entered in this field enables you to produce Payment Due Date Reports. Payment terms should be setup at an overall level per Agent name in Tools > Setup > Accounting setup. These can be customised further by loading Supplier level payment terms if the Supplier payment terms differ from the Default Payment Terms (Details Tab in each Supplier record). Payment Terms can also be edited on a Booking by Booking basis within an Itinerary if required.

Configurations that Match the Selected Service

This relates to the configurations available for the highlighted Service. This list is customisable in Tools > Setup > Service configs. This data can be used for internal purposes and/or it can also be displayed on your client documentation.