Several new email template tags have been added in the August 2016 release for use in booking emails including: [!ClientBirthDate], [!ClientPassportNumber], [!ItemServiceTypeName], [!ItemOptionTypeName] [!ItemChargeTypeName]. To incorporate these tags into your email requests to suppliers we recommend creating a test template before making this your default. See Template Testing Instructions for help on how to do this.

Adding Client Birth Dates and Passport Numbers

If you’re providing passenger names to your airline suppliers via email using the Tourwriter Make booking feature, why not add birth date and passport number too? You’ll find an example of how to do this below. We recommend inserting these tags after the existing [!ClientNotes] tag.

Please see below for each person’s name, birth date and passport information:



NB: In order to display these fields on booking emails, you first need to add the passenger to your itinerary.

Adding Service Type, Charge Type or Option Type

These tags can help describe a booking in more detail.

&nbsp;&nbsp;Name: [!ItemName] <br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;Service Type: [!ItemServiceTypeName]
&nbsp;&nbsp;Description: [!ItemDesc] [!ItemOptionTypeName]<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;Rates are per [!ItemChargeTypeName]<br />

Services tab

For more ideas on customising your email template or creating an email signature, please see our webinar and detailed steps here.