All booking prices in Tourwriter should include all taxes (e.g. VAT, GST). If rates are provided to you by your suppliers excluding tax at the time of booking, use the Add Tax button in the Bookings Price Editor to add tax automatically based on predefined tax amounts in the Setup.

Prerequisites: This feature is available but not switched on for all users. To enable the Add Tax feature in your Tourwriter database, please contact your Customer Success Executive or the support team (

In order to use this feature, ensure that the tax types in Accounting Setup are completed. Define your Accounting Tax Types List on the Setup Subtab then apply to the Default Tax Types table on the Settings Subtab.

Within a Supplier, Net Tax Type and Gross Tax Type can be overridden per Supplier or per Service.

To add tax to a booking, in the Itinerary Bookings List:

  1. Double click the booking item to open the Bookings Editor.
  2. Select Edit > Price.
  3. The Bookings Price Editor appears.
  4. Choose your editing option from Net and Mup, Net and Gross or Gross and Comm.
  5. Enter the tax exclusive amount(s) provided by your supplier into the applicable fields.
  6. Click the Add Tax button in the top right corner of the Price Editor.Price Editor Add Tax
  7. Tourwriter will add the percentage (%) of tax applicable based on your predefined tax settings e.g. 15%.Price Editor Add Tax after
  8. If tax has already been added to this booking, a Tourwriter Message will alert you accordingly:Price Editor Tax Added warning
  9. Close the Price Editor.
  10. The price fields in the Bookings Editor and Bookings List will now reflect the tax inclusive amount for this booking.
  11. Save your changes (CTRL S).

The Is Tax Added field on the Bookings List will indicate whether tax has been manually added to this booking using the Add Tax button. All other values are assumed to include Tax.

Bkgs List Is Tax Added

Tax exclusive amounts (per booking) can be viewed and exported by going to Additional Tab > Accounting Subtab within the Itinerary. See Itinerary Accounting Export for more.