forward-confirmations_644Online Itinerary Publishing

The Travefy publishing feature is now available and will enhance your clients’ travel experience. Your clients can now access their itineraries via a unique webpage URL or within the Trip Plans Mobile App using the very simple ‘Push to Online’ button in Tourwriter.

Publish itineraries online allowing your prospects to make better buying decisions and to share final itineraries with family and friends.

Online Itinerary Collaboration


Your prospects and agents can comment and request changes via the online itinerary module. Any itinerary changes are in real time, removing confusion and shortening purchase times.



Mobile Itinerary App

Your clients are travelling with their mobile device, so publish their itinerary to a Mobile App for real time updates, maps, supplier contact details and more.

Watch the quick video demonstration: This short video illustrates how the ‘Push to Online’ functionality works.

Travefy is available for all Enterprise clients however there are a number of elements that need to be configured including the setup of an online account and the enabling of your API connection. If you are interested in accessing Travefy please send an email to the support team ( so we can plan a start date for you. For more information or to get started on your Online journey, there are a range of help files available here: Travefy Help Files