Ideas and Polls

The Ideas and Polls panel shows all of the polls related to this Itinerary along with ideas that have been suggested (both by Agent and Collaborator) for this Itinerary.

Agents and Collaborators are able to add New Polls and New Ideas by clicking on the applicable buttons. Please note, it is only with the Collaboration feature that this feature can be utilised fully.

New Poll

New poll

When creating a New Poll, the above options will appear in the panel on the right.

  • Question Title – Enter your poll question.
  • Response Options – Click in Option 1 to enter your first response option. Each time you click in a new option, another option box will appear (you can have 20+ options!). Once you have entered all relevant options, simply ignore the next empty option, it won’t appear on the published poll.
  • Tick box – You also have the option to allow Collaborators to add additional poll options.

Click Done to save your poll.

To view, edit, delete, comment, or ask for responses on the poll, simply view the poll.

New Idea

New idea

Click New Idea to enter a new idea for the itinerary. Paste a URL, type something eg. a place, a service, a restaurant or even an attraction. If what you are searching for does not show up on the drop down list, select Create a Custom Idea or Place.

New Idea Edit

Create a New Idea allows you to add a new idea…

  • Add Image – You can add an image – either from the Travefy database or uploading your own.
  • Title – Edit the title of the Idea.
  • Link or Website – Add in a link or website
  • Address or Location – Add in an address or location
  • Description – Include a description about the Idea