This Post Covers:

  • How to adjust a booking’s date
  • Alternative ways to view your itinerary
  • How to rearrange your bookings
  • How to add a new event
  • How to add flight details
  • How to add an additional day

Day Edit

At the top of each day of Services you will find the Day Edit options.


Click the edit icon Edit Icon to change the date, the Day Title or delete a day.

When the date is changed within the travel dates, that specific day (including activities) will move onto that date and “bump” the other days up or down. When the date is changed to a day outside of the travel dates, it will be shown on that day, with all days in between showing with No Plans.

Changing the Day Title simply changes the way the day is displayed. Days are automatically named by the day of the week, you could change to Day 1, or Queenstown etc.

To Delete a whole day, select Delete Day.

View Itinerary View

The day’s activities are automatically shown in the List view, however there is also a Map view.

The Map view shows a google map with Red Markers indicating where each booking is for that day. Click on these markers to see the activity details (Name, address, date booked) and options to show the booking in a new google maps tab and to view the booking’s details in the Right Panel.



Select Rearrange to change the order of the activities on any given day. Simply click and drag the activities into the preferred order and click Done Rearranging to save.

Please Note: If an activity has a booked time and is moved before/after an activity with an earlier/later booked time (ie. out of chronological order), the time will be removed and you will be notified:Date Removed

New Event

To create a New Event (booking) in your Itinerary in Travefy, click the New Event button on the applicable day. Drop down options will appear for you to choose what kind of activity you would like to create. Then the editing pop-up will appear for you to enter your new bookings details.

Please Note: At this stage we are unable to Push information back into Tourwriter. So you may like to load your additional booking into Tourwriter, then re-push the Itinerary to Travefy.

Adding a Flight
You can add descriptive flight information directly into your itinerary by adding a New Event. Select Flight from the drop down list and a pop-up box will appear asking you for the airline and flight number. Start typing in the Airline and select from the options that appear. Just type in the numbers from the flight number. Select Get Info and your flight will appear, click Add To Itinerary to keep, or Cancel. The flight information will be automatically loaded into your Itinerary, including departure time and place and flight information.

New Day

New Day

At the bottom of your days list in the left panel, you will find the New Day button. When clicked, an extra day will be added at the end of the Itinerary. To change where this new day sits, simply edit the date.