Booking prices in Tourwriter are based on Net (unit) or Gross (unit) amounts.

If rates are provided to you by your suppliers as a Total amount at the time of booking, use the Total calculation option in the Price Editor to edit the Net (total) or Gross (total) amount and have the Net (unit) and Gross (unit) amounts calculated accordingly.

Prerequisites: This feature is available but not switched on for all users. To enable the Total Price Calculation feature in your Tourwriter database, please contact your Customer Success Executive or the support team.

In order to use this feature, ensure that the booking includes a Qty (and Nts if applicable) before editing the Total Price.

In the below example, a Day Cruise has been added to the Itinerary Bookings List.

The Net (unit) rate for the Day Cruise is $105.50 per Adult, but the Supplier has confirmed a Total rate of $215.00 Net based on 2 Adults for this booking.

Net Total Calc before

To edit the Total price:

  1. Double click the booking item to open the Bookings Editor.
  2. Select Edit > Price.Net Total Calc Edit Price
  3. The Bookings Price Editor appears.Net Total Calc Edit Price before
  4. Choose your editing option from Net and Mup, Net and Gross or Gross and Comm.
  5. Select Total from the Calculation options and enter the Total amount(s) provided by your supplier into the applicable fields.Net Total Calc Edit Price after
  6. Close the Price Editor.
  7. The Net (unit) and Gross (unit) fields on the Bookings editor and Bookings List will automatically calculate based on the Nts and Qty for that booking.Net Total Calc Bkgs List after
  8. Save your changes (CTRL S).

NOTE: The Total editing option will not be remembered for next time. If editing the price again, ensure the Total option is selected from the Calculation options before proceeding.