In our October release, we’ve added a new drop-down to the Margin adjustment screen to allow you to apply a Markup percentage on the Gross (final) Total amount in your Bookings List.

In the example below, the Gross (final) Total for the itinerary is AU$6,234.02. To apply a Markup on top of this amount, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the calculator icon Margin Calculator in the Margin adjustment workspace
  2. Select Markup from the Adjust my drop-down
  3. Select Gross from the Apply To drop-down
  4. You can now do any of the following:
    To apply the same Gross override percentage to all Service types, click on the Override all radio button and enter a percentage into the field provided.
    The example below shows an override of 15% applied to all Services

    To Override by Service Type, enter a new Markup percentage into each of the Override fields in the Service types table
    To remove existing Overrides, select Clear all Clear all button
    To repopulate overrides based on predefined Agent label percentages, select Auto pop Auto pop button
  5. Once you have made all the changes you require click the OK button and then Save.The adjustments you make in the Custom markup Overrides popup window will alter the Gross amounts of the Service Types you have changed (all or selected ones) and as such your Gross (final) price. The example below shows the results after applying the 15% Markup to the Gross for this itinerary:

It is important to note that Margin overrides are predefined at Tools > Setup > Data Setup > Agent labels.

For more on adjusting Itinerary prices, see Editing Itinerary Prices.