This Post Covers:

  • How to edit a booking in Travefy
  • What happens when you select View
  • Adding attachments

You are able to edit/view different aspects of a Service booked by doing the following:

  • Click the Pencil icon in the top-right corner to open the Editing Pop-up.
  • Click on the Image/View Button to view the service information in the Right Panel.

Editing Pop-up

Edit a Booking

Click the Pencil icon Edit Booking Pencil Icon in the top-right corner of a booking to open the Editing Pop-up.

Edit a Booking Pop-up

This pop-up contains the following options:

  • Category – Select which category this service belongs to eg. Accommodation will be Lodging. Services will automatically link to their applicable category from Tourwriter, as per your Setup. This category selection affects the display icon in the left panel.
  • Sub-Category – Transportation has a Sub-Category. Services will automatically link to their applicable Sub-Category from Tourwriter..
    PLEASE NOTE: these categories are fixed within Travefy.
  • Type – Check In/Check Out or Departure/Arrival
  • Title – is the Supplier Name [from Booking name field]
  • Departure Time – time will be pushed from Time field in Tourwriter. If you would like to change the Time, ensure you use : when entering time (eg. 2:00pm). Select a timezone. Edit the date. The Date is pushed from the Date field in your Tourwriter itinerary.
  • Details – This information differs for each Category. Add in details such as who the service was booked through and the service number. Confirmation # will be automatically pulled through from the Ref field in Tourwriter.
  • Price – manually add in the price details if you wish to display itemised pricing
  • Notes – Add/Edit notes about this service. Notes are automatically pulled from the Item Description in your Tourwriter Itinerary and the Publishing Content for the applicable Content Type (set when you Push Itinerary to Online). Add any additional information here and format. Hyperlinks can also be added.
  • People – Choose whether this service is for everybody (default) or only specific people. If it is only for specific people, select this option and type/select the applicable name/s.
  • Places/Stations/Airports – Add/Edit places. To create a map of your itinerary, use this to add in the location of the accommodation/activity. Ie. if you are staying for the night in Queenstown, type Queenstown into this field, and select it from the drop down list.

View Button/Right Panel

Click the View Button, which appears when you move your cursor over the image, to open the booking in the Right Panel.View Button

Right PanelTo edit this instance of a Supplier’s information, click on the Image/View button. This will open the information in the Right Panel.

This panel will now show the Supplier Image, the Supplier Name, the address and a map showing that address.

To edit this information, click on the edit button Right Panel Edit Icon. This will give you the following options:

  • Change/Remove the image (or GIF if you are so inclined)
  • Amend the Supplier name
  • Add in a Link or Website address
  • Amend the address (and so, amend the map)
  • Add a description

Click Done Editing (top right corner) to save your changes and revert back to the standard view.

At the bottom of the panel is a message box, which allows you to add a message about the Service to the Itinerary Discussion. Within the Discussion, it will note what booking you are referring to:

Service Discussion




If you have a file or PDF to send to your client, you can simply attach it to the itinerary. Your clients will then be able to view the attachments whenever they access the itinerary.

Create a New Event (of any type), then select Upload a File from the bottom of the editing window. Add any additional information can be added to the Notes, then click Done Editing.

You can attach the following types of files: PDF, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, and rtf. You can re-download the file by selecting Details on top of the file image.