Messages Subtab

Tourwriter stores any messages sent and received.

  • When a booking request email is sent via Tourwriter it is recorded in the Messages Tab.
  • Messages relating to an Itinerary, and not sent by email, can also be entered and recorded here by the user by using theYellow Plus. This allows the user to keep a record of all correspondence with Suppliers.
  • To view the details of a specific email, highlight the row and double click. This opens the email and allows the user the option to print the correspondence.
  • This correspondence history can be helpful if there is a need to check or re-print arrangements made prior to the current time. When a message is sent to a supplier it is also recorded in the Messages Tab of the Supplier.

Note: Reports emailed from the system are not stored in the Messages subtab. Only Booking emails sent through Bookings List > Make booking section are recorded here.