By Default, all new Itineraries/Suppliers created in Tourwriter are active.

You can deactivate both Itineraries and Suppliers;
Itineraries – By unticking Is active?
Suppliers – By unticking Is Supplier active?


An Itinerary/Supplier can be deactivated as required, e.g. if a quote is provided but the agent/client does not confirm the booking. To deactivate an Itinerary/Supplier, untick the Is active? / Is Supplier active? tick box. Save the change (Ctrl S) and you will see that a line will appear through the name of the Supplier or Itinerary, in the menu to the left (see examples below).

Supplier example:2.1 Supplier Active

Itinerary example:
Itinerary Is Active

To reactivate an Itinerary/Supplier, tick the Is active?/Is Supplier active? tick box, and save this change (Ctrl S).

We recommend creating a subfolder (e.g.Hold, Dead, Closed) to store deactivated Itineraries/Suppliers. You can report on active vs. inactive Itineraries using the Data export feature – (Tools > Additional > Data import/export > Itineraries > Load). It is suggested you use the Is active? feature in conjunction with the Itinerary Status to ensure all management reporting is accurate.