You will find many different Workspaces (eg. Bookings List, Audit Results, Warnings) throughout Tourwriter that you might wish to set out in a particular way.

Ordering Fields

If you wish to order your Workspace by a particular field, such as City, click on that field header. A triangle appears on the far right of the field header – this indicates the Workspace is now ordered by City, in ascending order. If the field header is clicked again, the triangle becomes inverted which means the field is now displaying in descending order. Note that multiple fields can be ordered simultaneously by holding down the Shift key and clicking on an additional field/fields.

Moving Fields

Field order can be changed by clicking on a field header and dragging it and placing it elsewhere. The field will be dropped in where the double arrows appear and once the mouse button is released.

Adjusting Field Width

Hover the mouse at the end of the field header until double horizontal arrows appear, then double click and the field will resize in order to fit the longest piece of content that features within any cell of the field being adjusted.