You will soon have numerous Suppliers and Itineraries loaded into Tourwriter. Learn how to quickly search through these to find your required Supplier or Itinerary.


A quick way to locate an Itinerary is to use the Tourwriter SearchForm:

  • Press Ctrl+F to bring up the SearchForm.
  • Search for Itineraries where Name contains and type the Itinerary Name, or a portion of it, into the phrase field.
  • If you choose the Search option where ID equals, type the itinerary ID into the phrase field.
  • Click Search, results will be displayed in the Results field below.
  • Double click on the Itinerary you were searching for to open it.
  • The Itinerary will open in a new Tourwriter tab.

It is important that the Name you are searching for is spelt correctly, as misspelt words will not be found. The SearchForm can also be accessed by clicking the Additional option in the Sidebar Menu (bottom left) and then clicking the Search option offered in the menu above (i.e.magnifying glass icon).

Alternative Search Method

This method is used when searching for a specific file in the Sidebar Menu. Itineraries and Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order in the Sidebar Menu by folder name and then by Itinerary/Supplier file name.
To locate a file in the Menu:

  1. Open the Folder containing the required Supplier or Itinerary.
  2. Start typing the name of the required Folder e.g. SM if you are looking for the SMITH itinerary.
  3. The blue highlight will then jump to the first Supplier or Itinerary that starts with SM.
  4. Double click your chosen Itinerary Name to open it.
  5. The Itinerary will open in the work space to the right.


  1. Use the scroll bar on the right hand side to scroll up and down the list of itineraries.
  2. Double click the chosen Itinerary Name to open it.
  3. The Itinerary will open in the work space to the right.