There are two methods for saving image files in jpeg format. They are Baseline JPEG and Progressive JPEG. Both formats will have the same size and data. The extension also remains the same. The only difference is how it displays, see here for more information about this.

Tourwriter requires images to be in Baseline JPEG format in order to export successfully to Microsoft Word. Some of the image files that you have may be in Progressive JPEG format, which can cause export issues with Word.

Please find below instructions on how to convert progressive images to baseline images.

We would recommend doing this for all images in your Tourwriter library (TourwriterData\Images folder). However, before starting the process below, please create a copy of all images for safe-keeping and store in a separate folder.

  1. Download IrfanView and IrfanView plugins (, by going to the Download page, and choosing a link to download from.
  2. Install the application
  3. Open IrfanView – Go to File and select Thumbnails from the dropdown menu
  4. In the new IrfanView window, navigate to the folder with your images in it
  5. If you need to select all images within one folder, right click the folder and select ‘Load thumbs from all subfolders’
  6. On the right panel, select all files you wish to convert in your TourwriterData folder
  7. Right click on the selection > JPG lossless operations > Lossless rotation with selected files

    Irfanview Changing Progressive to Baseline
    Click image to enlarge
  8. Leave all the options as they are
  9. Press the Start button
  10. You are done!