Publishing Quick Notes allow you the flexibility to customise your client’s itinerary by editing information specific to a booking. Publishing Quick Notes about a specific booking can either be added to an Itinerary or to a Supplier. If your note is something that is unlikely to be used by another client/ customer you should add it to the Itinerary concerned. If however the note is likely to be used for other bookings you should add it to the Supplier concerned as a template. Templates can be added at Supplier level, and the templates will be available to you within each Itinerary.

Client Specific Publishing Quick Note
To add a client specific (one-off) note to a published document in Tourwriter , enter the note as a Publishing Quick Note into the client’s Itinerary.

  1. Open the Tourwriter bookings window (by double clicking on the specific booking line in the Bookings list)
  2. Click on the Notes Subtab
  3. Enter your client specific note in the Publishing 1 field (as seen below)

4. We now have a second Publishing Quick Note field under the Publishing Quick Note 1 field, titled Publishing 2. To know more, read the New Publishing Note post

Often Used Publishing Quick Note
If your note is something that is likely to apply to multiple clients we recommend that you set it up a template Publishing Quick Note in the applicable Supplier.

  1. Open the Supplier
  2. Click on the Details Tab
  3. Click on the Yellow Plus above the Booking/Voucher notes – available as quick-notes for bookings and vouchers area to add a new note
  4. Enter your Booking/Voucher note (in the example below this is “Please call Southern Alps Air 24hours prior to your activity to reconfirm your departure time”)
  5. Then, whenever you pull a Service into your booking, you can simply, open the Tourwriter Bookings window (by double clicking on a booking line), click on the Notes Tab and click the downward arrow beside either the Publishing 1 field or the Publishing 2 field, which will allow you to select a saved quick-note.
  6. You can then edit the note, if required.

Additional Notes
We can code a report to display this Publishing Quick Note either before or after the Publishing Content description (Body HTML).
If you would like to make use of Publishing Quick Notes, it is important to advise the Tourwriter team at the scoping stage. You may wish to enable Publishing Quick Notes for some or all Service Types.