Tourwriter is written using .Net and therefore is dependent on the Windows operating system to operate. Installing Tourwriter on a Mac requires virtual machines like Parallels or Oracle VirtualBox which lets you run Windows inside your Mac.

Tourwriter on Mac Through Parallels

We recommend that users who want to run Tourwriter on their Mac, purchase Parallels, enabling you to run Windows and the Apple iOs at the same time. Parallels is a very “efficient system” which means that it does not use up too much RAM (4GB is recommended for it to work well). You will also need to install Windows on top of Parallels. Parallels is a paid virtual machine option which is very popular among our numerous Tourwriter users on Macs. The cost of a Windows license is additional.

In the below video, Nick explains how Tourwriter works in a Mac environment.


We have no plans to create a system using the Apple iOS, as most Apple users are happy with using Tourwriter in conjunction with Parallels. If you’d like us to put you in touch with some Apple Mac users who are using Tourwriter, please let us know.

Tourwriter on Mac Through Oracle Virtual Box

You can try Oracle VirtualBox (an alternative option to Parallels). Virtual Box is a free virtual machine option that some Tourwriter clients have been using with success and Windows also offer a free 90 day trial to allow you to evaluate their system.
The entire steps are given below for your reference:
  • Download and install Oracle VirtualBox for OS X into your Mac
  • Install Windows 7 or higher into VirtualBox (This YouTube video will give you step by step instructions to setup Windows)
  • Download and install Tourwriter. See this article for complete installation steps.