Tourwriter is a Windows application and requires Windows 7 or higher operating system with the free Microsoft .NET 4 (or higher) installed.

Hardware requirements:

  • Memory: 4Gb of RAM and above will suffice. 8GB and above is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Storage: Tourwriter requires only 50-70Mb for installation. Images, report files, booking email templates and copies of sent emails linked to your Tourwriter app are stored by hosting the MSB network drive. The space to host MSB is not consumed off your device storage.
  • Speed: No minimum requirement. Any new PC with good speed will do. The higher the speed, the better the performance will be.

Tourwriter works fine on the latest version of Windows OS, Windows 11.

Installing Tourwriter on a Mac requires virtual machines like Parallels, which lets you run Windows inside your Mac. There are no major problems with it as long as the Mac is not too old. For instructions on using Tourwriter on a Mac, read Tourwriter for Mac users.

If you have a new Mac with an M1 chip, you’d need to use Tourwriter on Parallels 16.5.