Our support team offers unlimited email support to all clients. So if you ever come across an error message, or are having any trouble with the software, please contact our friendly team at support@tourwriter.com.

For them to help you quickly and efficiently, it would be helpful if you could review the below list and send through as much of this information as possible:

  1. Have you saved/closed Tourwriter, shutdown your computer, logged off/on, tried again?
  2. Exactly what is the issue – has it happened before?
  3. What steps did you take immediately before the issue?
  4. Are all staff using Tourwriter affected? Do they all work in the same office/location?
  5. When did the problem start (date/time)?
  6. Did you see an error message? Can you recreate the error and click on the ‘View details’ then copy and paste that information and send it to support@tourwriter.com.
  7. If possible, also include a screenshot of the error and a screenshot of the area you were working in (take a screenshot by using the PrintScrn button on your keyboard, then simply paste into your email).
  8. Is your Tourwriter Database and TourwriterData folder hosted online or hosted offline on your PC or network?
  9. Has anything changed with your internet? Have you changed provider, or have they made any changes to your service recently?
  10. What version of Tourwriter are you using? (bottom right corner of the Tourwriter window).
  11. What operating system do you use e.g. Windows or Mac?
  12. What antivirus software are you using? – Check your antivirus software to make sure Tourwriter is not being blocked.
  13. Problems sending Emails? Test from Tools > Setup > Email Settings – what happens?
  14. Re-enter your Email Settings, turn your computer on/off, test again – what happens?
  15. Problems with Reports? Which reports are affected?
  16. Where are your reports held? Check in Setup > Folder Settings – Do these settings point to where the TourwriterData folder is held on your network/PC?