In order to import your existing Contacts information, you need to populate the Contacts Import Spreadsheet with your data by following the instructions and notes detailed below.

    • Download the Contact Import Template here.
    • You will see that there are text formatting instructions inserted as Comments into Row 1 of the spreadsheet; please review this information before importing your data.
    • Note that only the data columns set out in the Excel spreadsheet will be imported into the Tourwriter Application.
    • Only one line of text will appear within the Street Address field, however, multiple lines of text can be imported in the Post Address and Notes columns.
    • If you wish to include + and an area code (e.g. +64 4 123 4567) you must enter an ‘ in the applicable cell in the import template (i.e. ‘+64 4 123 4567). This ensures Excel does not treat the phone number as a formula when it gets imported into Tourwriter.
    • For any dates either select the cell format as General or add an apostrophe before entering the date (e.g. ’18/07/2018).
  • Press Alt+Enter to force a line break within a cell in the spreadsheet.

Now that you have populated your Contacts Import Spreadsheet you are ready to Import this into Tourwriter. The steps below will guide you through this simple process.

How to Import Contacts

  1. Save the Contact Import Spreadsheet to your PC.
    IMPORTANT – Make sure your spreadsheet is saved as .XLS format
  1. Complete the contact information in the Contact Import Spreadsheet and save any changes.
  1. Log in to Tourwriter.
  1. Click Tools at the top left-hand corner of Tourwriter. Navigate to Additional>Data import/export.
  1. Click on the Contacts option under Data import
  1. Click Load and attach the completed Contact Import Spreadsheet. The contacts to be imported will appear within the grid. If your existing contacts list is extensive and you are importing a group of contacts (e.g. a group booking), we recommend segregating these contacts, by saving the import to a new folder (Note: Save to new folder? is ticked by default) and creating a folder name that works for you. If you wish to import contacts directly into your existing contacts list, click the Save to new folder? box to remove the default tick; this will remove the option to create a new folder.
  1. Click Save
  2. Click OK to remove the Tourwriter message: Data saved successfully. The new contacts will appear within the Contacts menu.

Note:- After the setup, the spreadsheet may still fail to upload to Tourwriter if there are compatibility issues due to some missing Microsoft Excel files. As such, to ensure smooth import, install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable file from here. Once the driver is installed the import should go through successfully.