The Tasks Work Space is Tourwriter’s ‘To-do List’ for Itineraries. Join Roshni in the below webinar to learn about the Scheduled Tasks feature of Tourwriter. Learn how to add new tasks to an Itinerary, create a list of Default tasks, and report on any outstanding tasks.

How to Populate Default Tasks

Default tasks are tasks that can be applied to most itinerary files. To set up Default Tasks go to Tools > Setup > Default Tasks.

  1. Click Populate, located on the far right of the Tasks work space (next to Yellow Plus), to add Default Tasks into the Task work space
  2. Click on the down arrow in the Date Due field to apply a due date and time to each Default Task
  3. Add any notes applicable to this task within the Note field
  4. Save changes

How to Add Individual Tasks

  1. Click the Yellow Plus located on the far right of the Tasks work space to add an individual task into the Task work space
  2. In the Name field, overtype the text New task… with the new task name
  3. Click on the down arrow in the ‘Date Due’ column to apply a due date and time to the new task
  4. Add any notes applicable to this task within the Note field
  5. Save changes

How to Complete Tasks in Tourwriter

  1. Click the box on the far left of the Task work space for the task that has been completed. A line will draw through the ‘Name’ field and the ‘Date Completed’ field will auto populate with today’s date. If the task was completed prior to this date, click the down arrow to adjust the date accordingly.
  2. Save changes

Customization Options

Ordering Tasks

The Tasks work space is ordered in ascending order by ‘Name’. To order by ‘Date Due’ (for example), click on the ‘Date Due’ field header. A triangle appears on the far right of the field header – this indicates the tasks are ordered by Date Due, in ascending order. If the field header is clicked again, the triangle becomes inverted which means the tasks are now being ordered by Date Due, but in descending order.

Moving Fields

The field order can be changed by clicking on a field header and dragging it to place it somewhere else. The field will be dropped in where the double arrow appears and once the mouse button is released.

Adjusting Field Width

The width of each field can be adjusted by hovering the mouse at the end of the field header until a double arrow appears; double click and the field will minimise (or expand) to fit the longest piece of data that features within any cell in the field being adjusted.

Deleting Tasks

Individual tasks can be removed from the Tasks work space by clicking the Red Cross located at the far right of the Tasks work space.

Managing your Tasks

We recommend running a weekly report of Tasks Outstanding. This can be done at Tools > Additional > General reports. On the ReportsForm under Standard you will see a Tasks Outstanding report. Double-click this and it generate the Outstanding Task List by Consultant. Click on the Options button to amend the report’s Start date and End date, and filter by Assigned to user and Itinerary status.

In the Options pop-up window you will find two sections; Options and Layout.
In the Options section you can simply select your Start/End dates and then apply ticks in the Assigned to and Itinerary status boxes to populate your report with the information you wish to include in your report.
The Layout section allows you adjust your report margins and file text format.

Once you have populated all of the fields in the Report margins box you can then Run your report by clicking on the Run button (bottom right).