One of the first things your Implementation Executive will do is guide you through the configuration of your Tourwriter database.  Here is a high-level view of what you can expect. 

Installation of the Tourwriter Application

The Tourwriter application must be installed on each users’ computer and is used to connect to your online database, which stores your supplier data and itinerary information. This will be what you log into daily. You’ll probably refer to this as “Tourwriter” amongst your team… this is truly where the magic happens!

Resources: Installing Tourwriter, Tourwriter Offline Database Installation

Installation of the TourwriterData Folder

This folder will be accessible from each users’ computer and sits separately to the Tourwriter application and database. If we stored all images, email templates and itinerary templates in the database itself, we might slow things down a bit. To keep things moving quickly, we’ve designed Tourwriter so that it ‘talks to’ your TourwriterData folder when you create itinerary reports or generate a supplier email booking request. While the contents of your TourwriterData folder will need to be maintained by you and your staff on occasion, it really just sits there, “behind the scenes”.

Resources: TourwriterData Folder Setup

Zoom Meeting & Skype

Our implementation team use Zoom Meeting for all remote training sessions. This application allows us to share screens and record sessions for you, or other team members, to watch at a later date. It’s always useful to have a backup plan, so we encourage our users to add us to their Skype contacts too. Please note you will need a computer headset to utilise these applications.

Google Docs

We use Google Docs a lot here at Tourwriter. We recommend familiarising yourself with Google Docs as soon as possible, as they are a great way for us to collaborate on projects.

A Shared Email Account

Tourwriter can be used to send emails to your suppliers, which is a great time-saver, but first things first – if you have more than one person using Tourwriter, we need you to identify a shared email account to use for emailing suppliers. What will yours be?

Resources: Tourwriter Email Settings

An Internet Connection

This might seem a little silly to mention, but yes, you will require a fast (preferably) and stable internet connection to use Tourwriter’s online database, and conduct your training sessions successfully in Zoom Meeting