Installing Tourwriter

Learn how to install Tourwriter on a computer, how to install the Online File Server / Network Drive on a computer and finally, how to link the TourwriterData Folder to the Tourwriter Database.

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Tourwriter Offline Database Installation

Tourwriter will provide you with a backup copy of your existing online database (.bak file). This will be sent to you via email as an attachment.
Save the .bak file to a location on your computer e.g. Desktop. This should be the computer you will be installing Tourwriter onto.

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Tourwriter Database

Allows you to manage and maintain the actual database. Here you can back up or restore data from a back up.

If your database is online, your database backups are maintained by TravelMesh. The database server disks are imaged every 30 minutes, and full backups are done every 24 hours and copied to another physical location. If you have an offline database, we recommend you perform regular (daily/weekly) database backups.

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