Here are some terms that you will see frequently throughout the Knowledge Base:

Active – Used to describe fields in Tourwriter that impact on other areas of Tourwriter

Field – Any area of Tourwriter that can be populated

Menu – Vertical area on the left side of the screen in Tourwriter. Here you can access your itineraries, suppliers and more

Passive – Used to describe fields in Tourwriter that do not have an impact on any other area of Tourwriter

Subtabs – Workspaces in Tourwriter, accessed through the top level Tabs.

Tab – Top level workspaces in Tourwriter. Tabs

Toolbar – Provides you with navigation options which allow you to choose a function from dropdown options. The main toolbar is always located at the top of the Tourwriter screen

Window – Used to describe the pop-up windows that appears when using different parts of Tourwriter, e.g. the Bookings Emailer window

Workspace – Main work area in Tourwriter where items from the menu open and can be edited


Yellow PlusUsed to add an item
Copy ButtonUsed to copy items
Red CrossUsed to delete an item
Load IconUsed to load a workspace (Suppliers > Messages Subtab)
Email iconUsed to email reports
Folder iconUsed to open/locate a file or folder
Field Chooser IconUsed to choose the fields on your workspace
Warning Symbol 2An error symbol displayed when a User error has occurred
Pricing Update Red CrossA symbol used when bulk updating rates in an itinerary, where the rate is not available
Warning SymbolA symbol that shows warnings are available for an items’ new booking date
Filter IconUsed to filter your workspace by that field
Printer IconUsed to print a report or workspace
Export IconUsed to export a report
Find Template IconUsed to find a template
Price Editor ButtonUsed to open the pricing window